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The Sensible Fax Solution for Today’s World

It’s the ‘Magic’ Way to do Fax: Fax to Email

It’s a fax without a fax machine! Our gal Cinderella has been busy. She knows we all have to have fax capability, yet it’s expensive to get a dedicated phone line. And we don’t really get that many faxes anyway. So she came up with a great solution. You get your own fax number that accepts faxes, and then sends them to you by email. Now you can:

  1. Get faxes when you travel, by just checking your email.
  2. Easily print as many copies as you want.
  3. Save copies electronically on your computer. (No more worry about fading fax paper!)
  4. Forward a copy to an associate or friend.
  5. Pay less than you would for a dedicated phone line.
  6. You don’t need a fax machine. You can send faxes from your computer!

It’s easy to set up instantly at Cinderella Domains. Just click below:

Instant Fax by Email