Low Cost Phone Service

Toll-Free (800) Solutions

Anything you can do to get your customer to connect with you is worthwhile. And toll-free phone service is a bargain today! Even small businesss and home-based businesses can enjoy the marketing advantage of having a toll-free number for customers and prospects. Have a look! »»»

Small Business Long Distance Telephone Solutions

It can be a challenge as a small business, finding a good deal for long distance without investring weeks of purchasing effort. And you have to do it just to compete with the big guys. Let our computer search the best deals around. Check it out! »»»

Small Office Long Distance Telephone Solutions

Don’t fool yourself. Even a small office invests a lot in phone service. In fact, it may be the thing that extends you to serve more customers! Our computer system will help you find the right deal, searching among the low price leaders. We want to help. Learn more! »»»

Home Office Long Distance Telephone Solutions

Your home office is a convenience in many ways, but long distance gets tricky. Keeping track of what’s business, and what’s not, can be an accounting nightmare. And if you’re running a business from home, there’s even more to consider. We have help. Get it now! »»»

Home Phone Long Distance Telephone Solutions

So you thought your long distance phone bill would be pretty much the same no matter what vendor you choose? Think again. Getting a low rate today is different than it was even a couple of years ago. Let our computersearch for the best deal around. Right now! »»»

Calling Card Long Distance Telephone Solutions

How do you place a call when you’re on the move? Some cards still hit you for 15 cents a minute. We’ve found cards as low as a penny a minute, with no connect fee. We’ve found lots of different cards you can choose, each has different features. On the move? Grab this now! »»»

Find a Great Cellular Phone and the Right Plan, Right Here

Now you can shop for your new cellular phone the easy way, sitting right at your computer!

Compared to visiting four or five cellular stores, trying to compare phones and plans… add up the driving, the waiting (the waiting is always *sooo* long!), and the thinking. It can be hard to get a phone at a phone store.

Here’s a better way to get your cell phone… »»»

The Sensible Fax Solution for Today’s World

It’s a fax without a fax machine! We know we all have to have fax capability, yet it’s expensive to get a dedicated phone line. And we don’t really get that many faxes anyway. So this is a truly sensible solution in a high-tech world… »»»